Wednesday, 30 November 2011

My_Soap Review

My Soap Review

Finally after some effort I finally received my My_soap  order having missed the postman.
But it was well worth the wait. Who wouldn't want to try/own naturally sourced"handmade  luxury soap".

About My_Soap.
Based in Camden, Market Hall. All the soaps are made entirely by hand using the traditional cold process soap making method. The benefit of this process is that all the goodness is retained namely glycerine which naturally conditions the skin. All ingredients are sourced naturally throughout the world which is even more laudable. But wait for it, not only do they not test on animals their soaps are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Yes you heard me correctly. One of the fundamentals ethos of the company is quality, they are not willing to skimp on the quality of the ingredients which speaks volumes in my opinion. The high quality of the produce is evident when I open my lovely package as you can see below.

Having seen lots of happy customers via twitter I had to try out My-Soap for myself.
 So I ordered from the 'Purity range' in particular the JOJOBA OIL SOAP  which is specifically for sensitive skin. Although I am prone to the odd break out my skin is neither dry or oily. 
I would say combination but extremely sensitive. So I have to be very careful with what I try so I opted for the Jojoba Oil.

"A truly luxurious bar with palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, cocoa butter, castor oil and the addition of Jojoba Oil. A touch of carrot root oil and essential oils of tea tree, may chang and decorated with fennel seeds. A blend of essential oils designed to aid blemished skin. Jojoba oils closely resembles the skins own sebum, making it nourishing and very effective in skin care".

Packaging: I am loving the  detailed packaging with the little heart attached. I appreciate a smart finish to any product, so this went down well. There was also a little description  attached about the soap, as you can see(it will not let rotate the picture so apologises).

Smell: Is simply devine I couldnt stop 'sniffing the soap', yes weird but true. Lots of tea tree wafting from the little parcel. I am loving the fact that the ingredients are all naturally sourced with little toxins, who wouldnt want that. You'll relate if your place an order.

Price: 100g @ £4.50, fantastic prices. Delivery is £2.50 which is standard for first class. My parcel did arrive extremely quick but no one was in to sign for it. So great delivery which is always a bonus.

Customer Service: delightful and lovely couldn't be more helpful if only every service was like My_soap.

After use: my skin felt fresh and smelt divine, I couldn't stop touching my face. So this definitely a keeper for me as my skin didn't feel irritated or inflamed as I normally I would never use soap. I have a dermatolgica skin care regime I use.

Rating 10/10: Its got to be I am delighted with this find. Its going to be my new staple product.

I have only used the soap once this afternoon once I got home from work, but I am in love and I cannot wait to place another order and try some more yummy handmade soap. I have my eye on the earthy delights and the Macadamia Nut Oil and Hemp. Not to mention how nice would a basket full of luxury soap be for Christmas I know quite a few people who would love to get a gift like that(ME).

What do you think of My_Soap will you be trying out their luxury soaps??

p.s I am ordering a new charger for my camera so bare with me on the pictures as I'm using my iphone and the quality isnt great as you can see.

Cate xxx

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

November's Glossy Box

November Glossy Box. 

I'm sure everyone is familiar with the concept of GlossyBox so apologises for repetition. Each month you  receive a gorgeous box which includes 5 high-end samples. It truly is a great way to try new products particularly in sample size particularly if your anything like me  and tend  mix and match a lot. Hence I jumped at the chance to subscribe having read the lovely Lucy Ducketts July post. 

Subscription is monthly at the cost of  £12.95 , previously the cost was £10 but has now increased to include postage and packaging. I subscribed mid July but didn't receive my first box until  September  due to high demand. Although I was very impatient having seen previous boxes but it was well worth the wait.

However Octobers and Novembers box wasn't really what I was expecting and it seems to be a running theme for this month box. I wasn't completely disappointed but to date its not one of their best boxes from Glossybox. But again it is a choice of personal preference what may not work for me may work for someone else, so I cant be overtly judgemental. So here's the November box:

Here's what was included in the November box:

ABBONE fC5 Ultra Hydrating Crème Full size £19.00/118ml, I received a 15ml sample. I was pleased with this little number, its smells refreshing little bitter but I'm a big fan of hand cream and with winter looming it will be a handbag must. 

MONU Revitalising Moisturiser £16.25/50ml which I received(full size). Being a fan of elderflower I am liking the sensual smell of this moisturiser. Not something I would of used being a big fan of Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream and dermatolgica. I often switch face creams depending on my skin, its pretty sensitive and has the odd break out (Although its not as bad maybe one or two spots, yuck).  There are better choices glossybox could have included again. Its not bad but not great, again was expecting something more different. 

Nail Rock Designer Wraps Full size £6.65/pack, I received Leopard print. I have used nail wraps before not really fussed to be honest very plain jane when it comes to nails. I probably wont use these, and this product to me isnt really a luxury item. Again its personal preference. 

Dead Sea Spa Magik, Dead Sea Bath Salts Full size £5.50/1 Kg,  I received a 250g sample. Having received two samples of the Salt brushing(From Dead Sea Spa Magik), I rushed out to buy a full size one it is a must for soft supple skin and the smell is divine. I cannot wait to try the bath salts, I have a feeling I will love these just as much as the salt brushing. The price is amazing given benefits these products provides. I have converted quite a few female family members into using this after they seen my skin, I cannot recommend Dead Sea Spa Magik enough. At the weekend when I was out shopping I cam across the range in Holland and Barrett its everywhere. 

Finally the ILLAMASQUA Freak De Parfum Full size 75ml/£59.00.  The sample size was a tiny bottle. It is a freakishly dark scent, I wasn't keen on the first spray but after a while it really is very nice. Very exotic and sweet  it wont appeal to all, the smell is definitely growing on me.Although perfume samples are free and I wouldn't class this as a luxury item, it is a waste. 
 My perfume shelf is ridiculously full, anyone else a big lover of all things perfume, im addicted. 

All in all not the best box, I'm looking forward to see what Decembers box will bring. But if the box doesn't get better I think I may have to consider cancelling. Anyone else feeling the same about Novembers box? To be fair recently  I have converted a few people to subscribe to Glossybox and do love the concept so I cant be too hard on this months box it is my guilty pleasure. It was bad just not what I expected.

Rating: 5/10 (dont want to be too horrible

I am considering  subscribing to another beauty box maybe Carmine, Boudoir Prive or another. Anyone any thoughts???

Cate xx 

Monday, 21 November 2011

OSIS Style Shifter- Competition

I love big bouncy full hair especially when its curly(Can you tell lol) 

Therefore I couldn't resist entering the OSiS competition running in co-ordination with Immediate PR. Who doesn't like  to try new hair care products especially if they are  from OSIS (big fan of their product range stems from my cousins salon back home in N.Ireland). 

The rules are to  splash your Facebook page picture and watch the entry Youtube video which explains in turn each styleshifter product ranging from 1-3. Having considered which one would suit my hair type I contacted the lovely Lisa at Immediate PR. After a few emails  I was allowed to choose my style shifter product which was OSIS- styleshifter number two for medium  control for short-medium hair length. Even though Number two is for short hair, Lisa recommended the medium control since I have quite thick hair. 

Having received my parcel the next day when I came home from work (super quick delivery).  I had to create the best hairstyle using the product in order to be in in with a chance of winning a fantastic £250 worth of Arcadia vouchers and other fabulous hair care products designed to keep hair groomed to perfection. The lucky winner would be chosen by the lovely hairdresser Adrian Allen. 

Everyone SPLASH your FACEBOOK. 

                                A funky little green oval bottle was contained within the parcel:

Not only do I love the packaging but the size is convenient for handbag size when out and about. It really is perfect, and this is before I even used the product, did I mention I was an OSIS fan well a Schwarzkopf fan.LOL

Ok so what style?? In the end I choose two different styles because firstly I couldn't decide which one I liked better and secondly it was so easy to style  my hair using the product I had to use both. I must admit I am very good at styling hair I worked in my cousins salon back home whilst growing up and its pretty big salon. So love all things beauty so If I wasn't a  trainee solicitor maybe Id work in beauty/hair/fashion. All in all I would like to think I am pretty creative with hair. 

The first style I was going for was big bouncy loose curls  using heated rollers. I am a big fan of big hair straight or curly, but I opted for curls as I have very long natural auburn hair which is very thick. I pride myself on taking care of ,my hair so its in pretty good condition (and nearly touches my bum when straight). Once I had sectioned my hair  sprayed the product individually I placed the rollers in and left for half an hour. The spray was not tacky or left and residue I was able to comb my hair whilst sectioning(at this stage im hooked). After I removed the rollers it fell beautiful, it was full of body and 'natural body' I didn't need to back comb or use any dust it.. I was in love.

         The Back view:

Excuse the awful pictures not a fan of getting my picture taken. ***Note this is my natural hair colour and length no extensions I love the natural look but I don't knock fake hair but I love my long hair. 

Second style: On Saturday evening I was going to a big work event, so the theme was dressy. Well it was dressy but not ball dressy. Anyway I wanted my hair to be away from my face thus a ponytail tidy but classic with a little twist and height was my aim. I was able to style my hair using style shifter giving lots of volume. I made a beehive not too high and sectioned it off with clips, it was easy to pull to together. I just swept it over to the side and brushed in all the bits and anything loose I clipped in. My favourite part was wrapping the hair around in different sections, the SS2 also made my hair look really glossy. I did add a little sparkly click or two. Im not a fan of hairdressers when I'm back in Ireland I will go to my cousins but not in Liverpool. Im not the best at letting someone cut my hair or blow dry or anything. I prefer to do my hair myself. 
I was really proud of this
The finished product as follows:

(oh my god look at that spot)

The product allowed me style and mould my hair to anyway I wanted without feeling tacky. I applied it twice to dry hair but you can spray onto wet hair or spray onto the palm of your hand and mould. My hair never felt weighed down but still had lots of height and texture. I have to say it was so easy to style my hair using the product and the next day it didn't feel like I had but any product in compared to when I used hair spray. Not to mention the lovely sweet but not sickly smell I genuinely cant fault this product. Perhaps the only flaw is that only now I have  come across style shifter. 

The aim behind Style Shifter Two:

The science behind the product  involves the polymer technology  which pulls together individual follicles to provide the hair with a natural instant boost. Magically it kills two birds with one stone, big full natural hair but manageable enough to manipulate the hair with ease to a style which suits you best. The innovative team at Schwartzkopf have truly excelled themselves this is a little gem and definitely a staple piece in my hair style regime. 

Overall an amazing product I'm going to keep buying this, in fact my aunt wants to try the one for short hair she was amazed at my hair styles. Everyone loves my hair (its taken years for me to feel the same) but after those pictures I am afraid someone will actually want to steal my hair.. Loved the product thank you Immediate PR for letting me try the product. 

Style Shifters price is also amazing with each retailing around £8.70 at various beauty websites. 

Rating 10/10----> yes it really is that good.

follow @ImmediatePR1

Everyone SPLASH your FACEBOOK. 
p.s I am doubtful I will win as I never win  anything but who knows. (crosses fingers, toes and legs). Still I have found a hair gem. 
Cate xxx 

Buyeyelash Review

This is my first blog and post... I am soo excited (dances around room, whoop whoop!!!). Ok excitement over, please enjoy and be kind I am a newbie. 

Buyeyelash Review

So I am massive fan of fake eyelashes both strip and individual.
So when I came across Buyeyelashes on twitter thanks to Lyndesy Harrison (make up artist and hair stylist to TOWIE 'The Only way is essex') I had to place and order.
Lyndesy Has some amazing videos on how to a 'smoky eye' Iv picked up some amazing tips and bought some new products to achieve check her site out. 

Buyeyelashes are a manchetser based company and were founded in 2010.
They stock all sorts  of lashes from individual, simple, full and thick to paperself eyelashes (which are amazing looking). Depending on the look your aiming for Buyeyelashes have ever possible eyelashe avenue covered you cannot go wrong.
They stock a variety of brands such as:
Red Cherry

Buyeyelashes supply  multiple of media moguls within the industry such as Dancing On Ice, TOWIE, This Morning by Rene Metcalfe and even in Vogue Italia as used by Tara Palmer Tomkinson 2011. 


There selection is fantastic but their prices are even better ranging from £2-£8. With multi-pack sets starting at £13.94-£20.40 which includes a pack of seven. 
Delivery is not only amazingly but quick and if you place an order before 3pm that day they issue same day dispatch. It cant get any better but it does, standard delivery cost 75p and world wide Delivery is £1.50 and orders over £10 receive free delivery. 

Recently they have giving a 15% discount for a twitter followers using the code tweet15.
yes they are that amazing!!!!!

Their Website
Their website is amazingly easy to use and fantastically layed out. The main reason why I aim highlighting this point is that I love when a website is fantastically layed out. Visually its appealing but in terms of use its fantastic. So I must give credit where credits due and applaud the creator behind the website. 

They also provide a section to reuse your lashes and keep them in condition. I must admit I have got lots of wears out of mine and normally with eyelure I don't. I tend to always buy new and only wear them once. So I go through a lot of eyelashes. 

So here is a picture of some of the lashes I bought all of which come with glue:

Red Cherry #40(this is one of my favourites for a big eye-great for a night out with that sexy LBD number). I always get loads of comments for my lashes when I wear these. 
BACI 565
BACI 591

Second Order consisted of the Red Cherry collection(which I love):
Red Cherry #101
Red Cherry #102
Red Cherry #118

I will post a blog with them on soon, but can you see the quality of the lash, they are amazing.. They are fantastic easy to use and can be re-used LOTS. 

I was also given an applicator tool from Japonesque, which isn't on their website yet. But girls/boys it is fantastic for putting on lashes. It comes in a little pouch which I have kept its really sturdy and strong and has made putting on eyelashes even easier and I didnt think that was possible.

I love their lashes  and my friends and I cant get enough of their website. Like I said I love individuals but with the semi-permanent ones I don't like the way they pull the odd eyelash out. So I am more partial to strip lashes. Also I love a big smoky eye and lashes help open the eyes. 

I am going to upload more posts using their products, however I have my eye on their new range:

Red cherry: 20
Red cherry:DW
Red cherry:43
Red cherry:304
Red cherry:JBCP

Overall I have to give buyeyelashes a rating of 10/10 I just love their products.

follow @buyeyelashes on twitter.

One final mention the staff are more than kind and lovely, this truly is a fanatic company and I wish them all the best, they are going to be huge. 
But don't forget check out their website and buy some gorgeous eyelashes after all Christmas is approaching get lash ready for all those parties. 

p.s. this is my first post so apologises for mistakes this will be a game of trial and error until I get used to the ways of blogging, so bare with me.And I must thank the Lovely Holly Arabella for her lovely guidance concerning the world according to beauty blogging...Check out her blog its one of my favourites. 

Cate xxx