Wednesday, 30 November 2011

My_Soap Review

My Soap Review

Finally after some effort I finally received my My_soap  order having missed the postman.
But it was well worth the wait. Who wouldn't want to try/own naturally sourced"handmade  luxury soap".

About My_Soap.
Based in Camden, Market Hall. All the soaps are made entirely by hand using the traditional cold process soap making method. The benefit of this process is that all the goodness is retained namely glycerine which naturally conditions the skin. All ingredients are sourced naturally throughout the world which is even more laudable. But wait for it, not only do they not test on animals their soaps are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Yes you heard me correctly. One of the fundamentals ethos of the company is quality, they are not willing to skimp on the quality of the ingredients which speaks volumes in my opinion. The high quality of the produce is evident when I open my lovely package as you can see below.

Having seen lots of happy customers via twitter I had to try out My-Soap for myself.
 So I ordered from the 'Purity range' in particular the JOJOBA OIL SOAP  which is specifically for sensitive skin. Although I am prone to the odd break out my skin is neither dry or oily. 
I would say combination but extremely sensitive. So I have to be very careful with what I try so I opted for the Jojoba Oil.

"A truly luxurious bar with palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, cocoa butter, castor oil and the addition of Jojoba Oil. A touch of carrot root oil and essential oils of tea tree, may chang and decorated with fennel seeds. A blend of essential oils designed to aid blemished skin. Jojoba oils closely resembles the skins own sebum, making it nourishing and very effective in skin care".

Packaging: I am loving the  detailed packaging with the little heart attached. I appreciate a smart finish to any product, so this went down well. There was also a little description  attached about the soap, as you can see(it will not let rotate the picture so apologises).

Smell: Is simply devine I couldnt stop 'sniffing the soap', yes weird but true. Lots of tea tree wafting from the little parcel. I am loving the fact that the ingredients are all naturally sourced with little toxins, who wouldnt want that. You'll relate if your place an order.

Price: 100g @ £4.50, fantastic prices. Delivery is £2.50 which is standard for first class. My parcel did arrive extremely quick but no one was in to sign for it. So great delivery which is always a bonus.

Customer Service: delightful and lovely couldn't be more helpful if only every service was like My_soap.

After use: my skin felt fresh and smelt divine, I couldn't stop touching my face. So this definitely a keeper for me as my skin didn't feel irritated or inflamed as I normally I would never use soap. I have a dermatolgica skin care regime I use.

Rating 10/10: Its got to be I am delighted with this find. Its going to be my new staple product.

I have only used the soap once this afternoon once I got home from work, but I am in love and I cannot wait to place another order and try some more yummy handmade soap. I have my eye on the earthy delights and the Macadamia Nut Oil and Hemp. Not to mention how nice would a basket full of luxury soap be for Christmas I know quite a few people who would love to get a gift like that(ME).

What do you think of My_Soap will you be trying out their luxury soaps??

p.s I am ordering a new charger for my camera so bare with me on the pictures as I'm using my iphone and the quality isnt great as you can see.

Cate xxx


  1. been eyeing their products for awhile.. might buy something now!!:)xx

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  2. Oooh I have not heard of this before, I will have to have a look!!! It looks like you have been nibbling it :-P


  3. nice! x

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