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OSIS Style Shifter- Competition

I love big bouncy full hair especially when its curly(Can you tell lol) 

Therefore I couldn't resist entering the OSiS competition running in co-ordination with Immediate PR. Who doesn't like  to try new hair care products especially if they are  from OSIS (big fan of their product range stems from my cousins salon back home in N.Ireland). 

The rules are to  splash your Facebook page picture and watch the entry Youtube video which explains in turn each styleshifter product ranging from 1-3. Having considered which one would suit my hair type I contacted the lovely Lisa at Immediate PR. After a few emails  I was allowed to choose my style shifter product which was OSIS- styleshifter number two for medium  control for short-medium hair length. Even though Number two is for short hair, Lisa recommended the medium control since I have quite thick hair. 

Having received my parcel the next day when I came home from work (super quick delivery).  I had to create the best hairstyle using the product in order to be in in with a chance of winning a fantastic £250 worth of Arcadia vouchers and other fabulous hair care products designed to keep hair groomed to perfection. The lucky winner would be chosen by the lovely hairdresser Adrian Allen. 

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                                A funky little green oval bottle was contained within the parcel:

Not only do I love the packaging but the size is convenient for handbag size when out and about. It really is perfect, and this is before I even used the product, did I mention I was an OSIS fan well a Schwarzkopf fan.LOL

Ok so what style?? In the end I choose two different styles because firstly I couldn't decide which one I liked better and secondly it was so easy to style  my hair using the product I had to use both. I must admit I am very good at styling hair I worked in my cousins salon back home whilst growing up and its pretty big salon. So love all things beauty so If I wasn't a  trainee solicitor maybe Id work in beauty/hair/fashion. All in all I would like to think I am pretty creative with hair. 

The first style I was going for was big bouncy loose curls  using heated rollers. I am a big fan of big hair straight or curly, but I opted for curls as I have very long natural auburn hair which is very thick. I pride myself on taking care of ,my hair so its in pretty good condition (and nearly touches my bum when straight). Once I had sectioned my hair  sprayed the product individually I placed the rollers in and left for half an hour. The spray was not tacky or left and residue I was able to comb my hair whilst sectioning(at this stage im hooked). After I removed the rollers it fell beautiful, it was full of body and 'natural body' I didn't need to back comb or use any dust it.. I was in love.

         The Back view:

Excuse the awful pictures not a fan of getting my picture taken. ***Note this is my natural hair colour and length no extensions I love the natural look but I don't knock fake hair but I love my long hair. 

Second style: On Saturday evening I was going to a big work event, so the theme was dressy. Well it was dressy but not ball dressy. Anyway I wanted my hair to be away from my face thus a ponytail tidy but classic with a little twist and height was my aim. I was able to style my hair using style shifter giving lots of volume. I made a beehive not too high and sectioned it off with clips, it was easy to pull to together. I just swept it over to the side and brushed in all the bits and anything loose I clipped in. My favourite part was wrapping the hair around in different sections, the SS2 also made my hair look really glossy. I did add a little sparkly click or two. Im not a fan of hairdressers when I'm back in Ireland I will go to my cousins but not in Liverpool. Im not the best at letting someone cut my hair or blow dry or anything. I prefer to do my hair myself. 
I was really proud of this
The finished product as follows:

(oh my god look at that spot)

The product allowed me style and mould my hair to anyway I wanted without feeling tacky. I applied it twice to dry hair but you can spray onto wet hair or spray onto the palm of your hand and mould. My hair never felt weighed down but still had lots of height and texture. I have to say it was so easy to style my hair using the product and the next day it didn't feel like I had but any product in compared to when I used hair spray. Not to mention the lovely sweet but not sickly smell I genuinely cant fault this product. Perhaps the only flaw is that only now I have  come across style shifter. 

The aim behind Style Shifter Two:

The science behind the product  involves the polymer technology  which pulls together individual follicles to provide the hair with a natural instant boost. Magically it kills two birds with one stone, big full natural hair but manageable enough to manipulate the hair with ease to a style which suits you best. The innovative team at Schwartzkopf have truly excelled themselves this is a little gem and definitely a staple piece in my hair style regime. 

Overall an amazing product I'm going to keep buying this, in fact my aunt wants to try the one for short hair she was amazed at my hair styles. Everyone loves my hair (its taken years for me to feel the same) but after those pictures I am afraid someone will actually want to steal my hair.. Loved the product thank you Immediate PR for letting me try the product. 

Style Shifters price is also amazing with each retailing around £8.70 at various beauty websites. 

Rating 10/10----> yes it really is that good.

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p.s I am doubtful I will win as I never win  anything but who knows. (crosses fingers, toes and legs). Still I have found a hair gem. 
Cate xxx 

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  1. Love the hairstyle - amazing :) Will definitely be trying this out :).